1st Race

Race 1
Boat Name Class Position Skipper
Alberta 1 1 Robin Page
Maria 1 2 Paul Winter
Peace 1 3 Angus Millgate
Boat Name Class Position  
Lizzie Annie 2 1 Bob Fawkes
Martha II 2 2 Richard Robinson
Polly 2 3 Mandy Stear
Boat Name Class Position  
Firefly 3 1 Jamie Clay
Green sleaves 3 2 Roy Hart
Reverie 3 3 Peter Elliston
Boat Name Class Position  
Rhumba 4 1 Clive Church
Halloween 4 2 Adrian Mulville
Phylla 4 3 Andrea Raiker
Boat Name Class Position  
Rocket 5 1 Steve Sharpe
Soprano 5 2 Pat Murphy
Trimmer II 5 3 Ben Jeffries
Boat Name Class Position  
Srormy Cape 8 1 Patrick Ellum
Lily 8 2 Chris Torrance
Boat Name Class Position  
Mehefin 9 1 Gerwin Lewis
Bewitched 9 2 David Presswell
Parade of Sail Race
Boat Name Class Skipper  
Alberta Large Smacks Robin Page  
Lizzie Annie Small Smacks Bob Fawkes  
Hardy Gaff Rigged over 24 Noel Probyn  
Greensleeves 1 Gaff Rigged Under 24 Roy Hart  
Halloween Wooden Bermudan yachts Adrian Mulville  
Geronimo Modern Yachts Tommy Mills  
Wizard ECOD Iain Stubbs  
Escort boat Seamanship Ian Hinder  
Other Events  
Dinghy Race      
Laser Ian Wright 1st  
Laser Keith Gower 2nd  
Rubber Duck Race  
Number 477 Sebastion Roney    
Guess the weight of the Pumpkin  
7lbs4oz,3.27Kg Linda Chatman