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Looking for a premium betting site just for rowing and boat races? Welcome to the top-most dedicated betting hub for all rowing sports out there!

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Begin your grand income by betting on the winners using past game analysis and predictions.

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You can start with the smallest amounts through 1-3 rating bets as we will back you up with a sum to get good returns.

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We will guide you all the way to place standard head-to-head bets on the best players or teams!

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Betting on rowing

We specialize in bets on rowing competitions and boat races all around the world. You can choose from all the small and big games throughout the year.
Rowing Betting

How & Where to bet

Are you struggling with how to bet perfectly? Check out the process and learn quick tips to bet for real profits.

Our Process

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Sign-in using the easiest web form and create your account to bet anytime, anywhere.
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Choose any game of your choice and bet anytime on your favorite players to win tremendous amounts of bonuses in no time!
03. Get Bonus
We guarantee you success and multiplied bonuses on every possible bet and deal. You can also get ultimate support from our best experienced punters!


"Maldon Regatta is the best destination if you are searching for betting on rowing games. You can find all the leagues here like nowhere else."
Christina J. Wilhelm
"If you are a beginner searching for the best rowing bets, Maldon Regatta has got the best support system to help you with the bets."
David C. Shaw
"You will never be disappointed to deposit and bet any amount, as you will surely get the unlimited bonuses to take away for small deposits."
Ann L. Goodwin

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